We advise our clients on prevention and labor conflicts, not only about individual but also about collective rights providing help to union problems, collective bargaining agreements and taking care of labor crisis.


We carry out constitutions, mergers, spin offs and liquidation of companies, associations and foundations; as well as management relationships, corporate conflicts and “due diligence” processes.


We offer assistance in various civil and commercial corporate matters, such as negotiation, analyzing and drafting contracts, advising on commercial matters, advising on bankruptcy procedures and trust constitutions among others.


We intervene in issues related to franchise agreements, providing our clients - national and foreign - with the necessary legal advice and assistance for the successful development of their business.


We manage and prosecute cases arising from civil liability insurance, working risks or other coverages. We advise our clients from the negotiation to the liquidation on both judicial and non-judicial stages.


We advise on regulatory and financial issues, drafting financial agreements, recovery of assets, refinance and restructure of both individuals and corporations.


We advise our clients on consumer-related issues to avoid conflicts and help managing claims derived from manufactured products, services and breach of contracts. We advise our clients with an innovative approach with the aim of preventing harms to the image and economic interest derived from consumer actions.


We offer general tax advice, assisting our clients in procedures before agencies collectors and, likewise, representation in litigation of tax matters in all instances.


We assist foreign and local clients to set up their business in Argentina and collaborate in the resolution of their legal, accounting, real estate, tax, human resources and various areas that constitute the business activity, as strategic local partners.


We provide assistance in all stages of real estate operations from survey, projection, investment, development up to marketing, offering our customers, including builders, real estate businesses, road developers and hoteliers, legal support for their projects and business.


We work together with different actors, national and foreign, that integrate the production, industrialization, distribution, storage and marketing of agricultural products, dairy products, meat, cereals, forestry, biotechnology and chemical products.


We advise and represent clients, individuals and entities, both local and international, among which are sports entities, footballers, clubs and various companies whose activity revolves around sports. We also assist artists, producers and companies from different areas, media and shows.


We offer our clients, national and international, prevention and control services through strategic planning tools, risk management, process manuals, compliance programs, due diligence and anti-corruption, which allow companies and their representatives to mitigate and manage the legal, economic, patrimonial and reputational risk.


Since our beginning in 2004, EB&A | L a w y e r s (follower of Bartolome Group / Lawyers & Consultores), have a strong orientation to the corporate sector. We successfully placed the firm in this sector due to the training and experience of our partners, while also sustaining in solid pillars of knowledge, specialization, professionalism and ethics.

Nowadays, several leading companies have EB&A | L a w y e r s as their strategic partner in their everyday business. This successful result has been achieved due to trust in our partners and our innovative methods for providing legal assistance.

We add value to the operations of our clients, offering effective solutions to provide legal protection, tending to grow your business and improve your profitability.

To achieve this goal, we have the resources and the technological means to provide a service of higher quality capable of delivering timely responses as well as effective and comprehensive to the needs of our clients. We also offer the maximum commitment in prosecuting and finding efficient solutions to the different problems posed by our clients.

Our flexibility and ability to adapt ourselves to the changes and challenges imposed by the local and international scenario allow us to provide tailor-made legal services. To this end, we have a solid team, whose main values are professional integrity and commitment to the service. Quality and excellence are the characteristics that distinguish us.

We are in a solid and steady growth with firm and clear objectives towards the continuous enhancement of our professional services.


Some of the companies that have trusted us.

Banco de Valores Trade Canada

EB&A | L a w y e r s

In EB&A | Lawyers we work to defend the rights of our clients in our different practice areas, in judicial and non-judicial cases in all their stages, jurisdictions and complexities. This activity is performed before the local court of the City of Buenos Aires, the metropolitan area of the City of Buenos Aires and in the interior of the country, where qualified agents report to our law firm..

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